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Intelli Contacts

Staying with the old is not the right way to go moving ahead. When it comes to email marketing, innovation happens as we speak. The prospect has advanced, in thought, as well as action. Your email list, when confirming to standards set years ago, will not yield the desired results from the new generation prospect. You need to have smart lists. An Intelli contact list is all about creating an intelligent database which is dynamic and adapts to the need of the market.

At Leads Pioneer, we invest in keeping up with change. Our Intelli contact list is designed to make marketing easier, hassle free and bring in revenue, in an advanced way.

How do we build this Intelli contact list?

  • We do not go about randomly collecting data
  • Every lead/prospect is accounted for in the list
  • Every unsubscribe removed
  • Lead verification done
  • Every single detail as requested is taken care of

When building this list, intense care is taken to ensure that the client requirement is paramount. All necessary guidelines are followed which makes the list adaptive, intuitive and solid in its base.

From the days of volume versus quality, we at Leads Pioneer have moved on to have our lists maintain a strict balance between the two. This is what defines email marketing today and we strive to make sure that is exactly what you get.

Data cards which we use have one of the highest amounts of fields incorporated into them. This not only reduces the time spent on researching for new data, it allows you to fine tune your email campaign to perfection.

A coming together of the strong points of a custom list and data cards is what defines an Intelli contact list. Make use of this superior marketing tool to capture new marketing avenues and boost revenues.

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